About Me


I am an architect and urban planner, studied within double major program in Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Faculty of Architecture, currently doing Master of Architecture on Resilient and Sustainable Strategies in KU Leuven, Campus Sint Lucas Gent.

Based on my experiences; I have established research based methods for analysis stage and developed sustainable design approaches for the project stage for the field of architecture, urban design, urban planning, and strategic development plan solutions.

Focuses of my studies are comprised of solutions for multi-scaled architectural and regional projects in an international context. I developed student projects for varied cities in Turkey and Belgium, in Helsinki-Finland, in Anfeg-Morocco and in Addis Ababa-Ethiopia within diversified sociocultural structures and local cases. I participated in an urban design project in Athens-Atlanta, US, as an intern, and I contributed to many more research projects and publications within ITU. Apart from my studies, I worked as an architect in Kiklop Design & Engineering for the preliminary design process of a Care Center for Elderly in Bahrain. In the design process, I worked with my colleagues on multiple tasks in a peaceful office atmosphere interactively. Currently, I am living in the adorable city-Gent and have been studying on my master dissertation project which is a design of an ‘Ideal School’ in Kathmandu-Nepal.


To me, architecture is a chance for designing better solutions for today’s challenges, and non-ending process of learning how we could use it as a beneficial tool and a special form of every distinctive culture for building more sustainably, and locally oriented by humanitarian design approaches.